Words Can Bless or Curse

Ryan Reger
2 min readJun 22, 2022

I’ve been listening to Rick Renner’s autobiography Unlikely on Audible. The book is 1024 pages so the audiobook seemed less intimidating. :)

Rick and his wife Denise are pastors of the Moscow Good News church and by a simple count on his website he has authored over 25 books!

One story that really stood out to me is when Rick was a Freshman in college he wrote his first book. He sent out his manuscript to a minister that he had a lot of respect for in order to get his feedback. He didn’t expect a response, but one day he received a letter from this gentleman saying that he wanted to speak with Rick about his manuscript.

Rick’s book was on the subject of fivefold ministry and this minister told him it was the best book he’d ever read on that subject. Rick couldn’t believe it, but then the minister asked him how old he was. When Rick said he was eighteen years old this minister quickly changed his tune and began to reprimand him for writing such a book at his age and said Rick should have been ashamed of himself!

Rick remembers the conversation like this “I can’t describe the dejection that enveloped me as he finally finished with me and we managed our awkward good-byes before I hung up the phone. My hand still glued to the phone as I carefully replaced the receiver in the cradle, I sat motionless, stunned by this man’s words. His words cut so deep into my soul, in fact, that I laid the book aside and said to myself that I would never try to write another book again.”

Rick goes on to say that this man’s words had such a negative impact on him that it literally shut down his writing gift for years! Wow!

Rick’s gift of writing could have been halted forever because of this man’s words and millions of people would have missed out on his gift.

One of my gifts is to encourage and I hope that’s what I’m doing for you in my content and business.

I believe you’re here for a reason. You’re looking to create streams of income in your own life. You’re in the right place because I and thousands of others have built businesses that have allowed them to quit their jobs, spend more time with their family, give more to causes they care about and create time freedom in their lives.

You’re in the right place. No matter where you’re from, what background you have, how much money you have….you can do this!!

Ryan Reger

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